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Anne Hager

Anne Hager
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Hi and thanks for stopping by!  👋👋👋

My name is Anne, and I'm all about empowering Executive Directors of growing nonprofits, especially those with revenues of $1MM or more. If you're juggling growth and trying not to burn out, you've found the person!

Who Do I Work With?
I'm here for Executive Directors without a small or nonexistent Development team. Feeling swamped with fundraising while your growing organization's demands are pulling you in a hundred different directions? This is where I'm best suited to help you!

The Real-World Problems I Solve:
- Uncertainty: Unsure where next years' budget is going to come from? Let's analyze your past performance and future opportunities to replace uncertainty with a clear, actionable strategy.
- Overwhelm: There is a fine line between overload and overwhelm and you're definitely in the red zone. Let's streamline your efforts and focus on what truly moves the needle- It's about doing less, not more.
- Isolation: Your board is engaged but when it comes to fundraising you hear crickets? I'm here to help Directors take the first steps and become comfortable with the idea of fundraising.

Here’s what you get with Fundraising Levers:
- A fundraising strategy to secure your nonprofit's future - including metrics that help you understand whether you're on track or not.
- Engaging training sessions for your board and staff, and anyone else who wants to be part of your organization's vision.
- Refined processes to manage all the moving parts in fundraising to give you back your time and peace of mind.

Why Choose Me?
With my own history as an Executive Director and a Master’s degree in Organizational Behavior, I understand that fundraising isn't about crafting the perfect appeal. There are many variables to the equation and our work will strengthen your organization as a whole.

The Impact:
Imagine your nonprofit running like a train on train tracks, your board actively involved in fundraising, and you finally enjoying the calm and confidence meet your mission goals.

Connect with me on LinkedIn or check out my trainings on Youtube!

Formal Bio:

With over a decade of experience in the sector and a Master's degree in Public Administration, Anne Hager helps Executive Directors without fundraising staff design fundraising strategies to move from uncertainty and overwhelm to sustainable financial stability and increased organizational impact. Her career spans board, executive, and senior leadership positions in the nonprofit sector, where she gained extensive experience in writing grants for federal and private institutions, engaging communities, and raising funds from individuals. She is a certified Trainer and Facilitator, has a certificate in DEIB from the Boston Chamber of Commerce, and recently graduated from the Institute for Nonprofit Practice at Tuft’s Tisch College. In her free time, she reviews unfunded proposals and enjoys going for a run while listening to her favorite podcasts. 

Additional Information

How many years have you worked as a nonprofit consultant or specialist? : More than 10 years
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