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Jaime Williams

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I’m a consultant who helps nonprofit organizations communicate more effectively and with greater impact. My story:

I’ve always loved language and storytelling, and always wanted to use those tools in a justice-oriented career. It’s why I went to journalism school (at the University of Missouri - Columbia) to become a newspaper reporter. However, while reporting (at the Bronx Times), I quickly realized that the stories I loved telling most were the ones about people and organizations making a difference in their communities. As a result, I felt drawn to the nonprofit sector.

That’s why I made the jump to strategic communications and spent eight years at a communications firm exclusively serving nonprofits. During that time I worked with a wide variety of organizations, ranging from the Girl Scouts of Greater New York to the Associated Medical Schools of New York, to human services nonprofits. I was also a member of Nonprofit New York’s Nonprofit Excellence Awards Selection Committee (2018-2020), participating in revising Nonprofit New York's Key Areas of Nonprofit Excellence with an equity lens (2021).

I launched my own consulting business in 2023 in order to support nonprofit organizations in overcoming the main challenges I’ve seen over and over:

1) Limited resources and lack of capacity make it difficult for nonprofits to prioritize communications;

2) The pressure to do more with less means that any efforts are spread thin; and

3) The external landscape keeps shifting at an increasingly rapid rate.

Nonprofit communicators are put in a difficult—but not impossible—situation. I believe that customized strategies and developing a culture of communications can make a real difference in the effectiveness of an organization’s efforts, in the face of these challenges. That’s important because we know the impact that good communications can have on changing policy, funding the work, and shifting narratives—ultimately improving equity. 

Let’s explore what we can accomplish together! Learn more at

Nonprofit communications, unstuck. Stop spinning your organization’s wheels, and get moving toward your goals.

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How many years have you worked as a nonprofit consultant or specialist? : 6-10 years
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